You don't have a website yet ? No worries!

Having your own website doesn’t have to be expensive. I will be happy to show you the whole process of creating a website. I'll make a preliminary cost estimation for you and inform you about any charges related to running a website. I will tell you what to do and what to avoid for your website to be on the top position of search engines.

More and more companies decide to show their very own brand in the Internet. This is a really smart move, but only if information on their websites is presented clearly. Get extra clients in an easy and relatively inexpensive way. Call me and learn more!

You already have a website, but it does not generate any profits? Perhaps your site needs renovation to give it a more modern look! When creating websites the most important job to do is to design a user friendly interface and clear appearance. All these features can be found on my websites.

I'm good at:

  • making websites,
  • Content Management Systems implementation,
  • creation of web templates,
  • search engine optimization (SEO),
  • web templates creation,
  • websites management and maintenance.

My skills:





Maria Masian - grafik frelancer

Maria Masian

Freelance Graphic Designer

Jobby Norway

Jobby Norway

Employment Agent







Ośrodek Terapii Uzależnień - Gorzów Wlkp.


Centre for Addiction Therapy

Giełda Nieruchomości

Real Estate Market

Real Estate Broker

Własny CMS


Admin Panel

Stomatolog Witnica



Brak Weny

Lack of Inspiration

Freelance Graphic Designer

search engine optimization

Make sure that your website will be noticed and unforgettable!

Often websites are built in a non-optimized way in terms of Google ranking. This means that your site which was established some time ago still is not able to generate even the smallest profits.

Positioning and fast return on investment

Efficient positioning might bring benefits even within the very first month. Getting a website to the first place at the top of a search results list can make your website gather even 70% of activity. One of the essentials is that your adress is coded with microdata. Do you run a business near Poznan? Tell your web search engine about it and your position in web search results will grow higher!

Experience is priority!

I have been taking care of websites positioning for a couple of years now. I gained vast experience mainly due to the desire of self-improvement. SEO interests me. That's why I chose SEO as the theme of my Bachelor diploma paper. In addition, I completed an internship in a well-established SEO company.


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